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I read a lot of blogs, especially food blogs.  Oh, I do like good food, can you tell?  Hate plastic, love food, love dogs.  Could that be the theme of this blog?

In any case, the blog I use the most is The Apartment Kitchen.  There’s the link, sitting over there in the right sidebar, not making a big fuss.  I think it deserves a plug, especially because the author, Erin McDowell, is giving away a free cookbook in honor of her 100th post. Maybe one of my readers would like to win that book.  I certainly would.

Erin is a friend of ours, a recent graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, an excellent cook and an excellent writer.  She posts frequently, but not so often that I get overwhelmed by posts.  I’ve made quite a few of her dinners, the most recent being the Thai-flavored burgers with peanut sauce, which was eye-rollingly good.  Oh, and the salmon with yogurt sauce and Asian cole slaw is another fave. The recipes are generally quite easy to make but never boring.

Really, go over there.  Look around.  Try out some of the recipes. Click the link in the sidebar to win the book. And if you try something you like, let me know.  And let Erin know too, of course.

Note:  Erin also writes Appetite for Adventure, about food and her travels.  Go there too.

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On Sunday we’re going to a fundraiser for the ALS Society called Walterpalooza. It’s to raise money for a van, to be owned by a trust and used by whoever needs it.  The first recipient is a man well known and well liked in Lawrence.  (I don’t know if I can use his name.)

The fundraiser will be a big fun party, with bingo, a fashion show of t-shirts through the years, a potluck, and a silent auction to which people have donated many wonderful items.

I’m mentioning this for the benefit of readers who live in Lawrence and who might not know about it.  Come if you can, and if you can’t, consider making a donation anyway.  See the website for details.

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All is well

Aaaah. My sister’s eye surgery, though painful, is over. She is fine and very grateful for all good thoughts, prayers, and light sent her way. Thanks.

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One of my sisters is having eye surgery tomorrow at 12:15 Eastern time.  It’s not a huge procedure, but it’s scary and could be painful.  If you feel like it, send beams of white healing light to wrap all around her.  That’s my plan.  What is our good energy for if not to spread all around to our fellow beings?

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Easter desserts

We went to an Easter party today. Our friends have given this party for many years, starting when everyone’s children were little.  Now all the children are grown up and gone, but we still have an excellent time, seeing people we know well, people we see only once a year, and people we’ve never met before.

My pictures of humans in their Easter finery didn’t come out well at all.  On the other hand, the dessert pictures are fine.  The dessert bakers were ashamed of their work and thought we should vote for which dessert was the ugliest.  All I can say is, they tasted perfect.

Bunny cake #1

Bunny cake #1

Cherry pie

Cherry pie

Bunny cake #2

Bunny cake #2

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The energy of friends

Sometimes you just need some time to hang around with friends, eating and blabbing aimlessly about both consequential and inconsequential things (death, TV shows).  That’s what we did last night at P’s house.  The kale with onions and carrots was delicious too.


Soon to be licked clean

Soon to be licked clean

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Life is pretty good. It’s my birthday, the sun is shining, and there’s goodness in the world.

A friend sent me this NBC article this morning about a young woman who hit a home run in a softball game and then injured her knee running to first base. According to the rules, her teammates couldn’t help her make the run. So members of the opposing team picked her up and helped her touch each base. It meant their team lost. I love that story.

Then my friends D and J emailed to say they are giving me one of the pieces we saw in the Orton Cone Box Show. D and A and I had gone to the show last month in Baldwin. I am sorry I didn’t make more noise about it to my friends, because it is a terrific show. It’s all ceramic pieces, of pretty much every possible kind. The catch is that they can be no bigger than the box that Orton pyrometric cones come in, which is about the size of a brick.

The one they got me is one D and I both admired, called Tango Tangle by Sue Grier:
Tango Tangle, by Sue Grier
I won’t get it for a year, because it’s on tour. I’m completely delighted by this present. See more pieces from the show.

It’s a ceramic kind of birthday. A gave me a wonderful bowl and four plates made by Katie Whitenight Senecal that we saw at the Lawrence Art Auction. I’ll take pics later.

In your blog, you can mention that it’s your birthday, even though there’s something faintly show-offy or grabby about telling your friends in person.

I’m quite grateful for the day.

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Tagged? Shocking!

I’ve never been tagged before. In blogland, it means someone (who has been tagged him or herself) gives you an assignment to make a list. This one is seven things I think are lame. Erin, of the luscious With Vanilla and Honey tagged me. She was tagged by her Oilcloth Junkie sister-in-law. I’m tagging Egghead Jr. after this. Ooh, this is going to be hard, because I’m such a Pollyanna.

  1. Using tables for web layout. A geeky thing, sorry. I’m working on a website that was horribly coded and with each new thing I uncover I’m rolling my eyes at my desk. Not-lame: Using divs and styling them with CSS.
  2. Well, plastic crap, of course. Yesterday I bought deodorant. I looked at every kind, trying to find unscented, plain, not “with extra-strong drylene!”. All the packaging was over the top. The domed lid of one kind had some additional wavy bits of plastic inside. What’s that in aid of? Totally lame.
  3. And while I’m at it, I think scented stuff is lame. This includes perfume, but worse is the addition of perfume to everything. Can’t soap just be soap? Can’t I put some lotion on my dry hands and not smell like bug spray? Can’t I use bug spray and not smell like bug spray? I don’t actually use bug spray, because I hate the smell.
  4. Toaster ovens. Our old one lost the ability to tell time, as they so often do. So I pitched it (there’s something lame!) and bought a snazzy new RED one that has a slot in the top and a little oven underneath. The toaster slot is dandy. The oven does not have a timer, so if you put, say, a split roll in it, you’re gonna have bread flambé if you’re not alert. It appears that every toaster oven has some limitation, and each is different.
  5. ATVs are completely lame. Our neighbors ride them through the woods constantly. They’re loud and tear up the earth. We complained, and now they only do it during the day. It’s better, but still, get a bicycle.
  6. Boring posts just for the sake of posting. I think this list is a bit boring. A discussion of lameness should have some humor in it, and I’m not coming up with anything funny.
  7. Insufficient funniness. A life without humor would be as lame as it gets. Some years ago, in a conversation with my boss, I mentioned that my son’s sense of humor is one of the things I adore about him. “I think a sense of humor is enormously important,” I said.
    She looked puzzled. “Why is that?” Sheesh. Lame-o. I don’t work for her any more.

So now, Egghead Jr., it’s your turn.

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Our friend D came to visit. He’s very good at discerning the ludicrous in everyday life. He brought me a present, the plastic bag that a new pair of mens underpants came in. I was puzzled at first (as well as blind, because I didn’t have on my glasses). What was so funny about this bag? Then I put on my glasses and he pointed out to me the text on the zip-lock top: “resealable bag.”

Don’t you wonder what they were thinking? Is it part of the modern drive to label everything in case someone uses it incorrectly and then sues the company, like the silica gel packets in shoe boxes that have “Do not eat” written on them? Or perhaps the commercialized greening of everything in the whole world? You can see those underwear company marketing folks discussing the packaging:

Marketing guy A: “We gotta have a good-looking model on the front, someone who looks like Tom Cruise.”

Marketing guy B: “Maybe we can get Tom Cruise himself!”

Marketing guy A: “Nah, too expensive. We’ll just get a look-alike.”

Marketing guy B: “A zip-lock top would be a classy touch, not like that cheap underwear packaging that people tear off and throw away.”

Marketing guy A: “That’s it! It’ll look great, and we’ll come off as environmentally responsible.”

Marketing guy B: “But how do we get the customer to notice it, so they don’t just tear the bag off and throw it away?”

Marketing guy A: “Look, we’ll just put a tasteful little label on it explaining how it’s used.”

Would you take your lunch sandwich to work in a reused underwear bag? How do you know where it’s been?

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  1. The light at sunset made it look like the field was glowing.
  2. I started Practice Notes, a new blog about home yoga practice. It seemed to me that the 9 or 10 people who read this blog don’t really care. Also, it seems jargon-y in this context to use the names of the poses that I am most familiar with. In a yoga-focused context, no problem.
  3. I did about 15 loads of laundry today. Why should that make me happy? I don’t know, but it does. I love it when everything is clean – all the little rugs, the towels, sheets from every bed in the house, etc. When B was little, he sometimes was Mighty Kid, zooming around the house battling the forces of evil. I had two names. If he needed an enemy, I was Danger Woman. If I was another good superhero, he called me Laundry Woman. I was Laundry Woman today.
  4. I am doing some very fun work on websites today. It’s not likely that many of my readers will know what this is, but let me just say: CSS is wonderful. OK, enough of that.
  5. We’re having great leftovers for dinner. Potato-sausage soup, and spinach frittata with feta.
  6. Life is pretty good.

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