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I’m doing everything I can NOT to work on the novel. Why, oh, why? I even wrote up a little outline of what I’m going to say for the rest of the chapters. So now, I oughta just go forth and write.

Instead, I’m thinking about anti-plastic posts, posts about Thanksgiving, posts about pretty much anything that will keep me from finishing.

I am 12,000 words away from finishing.

This is a lifelong habit that I hate. OK, one post on my yoga blog and then I’m buckling down.

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This is really just an ad for another website: http://www.storyofstuff.com/

It contains a 20-minute movie about the stuff of the world – its creation, sales, and removal. Watch it, weep, then do something.

So I think I’m doing the right things, and then I realize I am not. I went to Target today and bought stuff. Our toaster oven has lost its little brain and thinks all toast should be black. I replaced it with a snazzy new toaster oven. Did I really need that? I bought three rubber boot trays to put under the bench in the mudroom. Not really necessary, just a useful item to keep things clean.

The more I pay attention to plastic and its relatives, the more I see. Right now I’m in guilt mode. Maybe I can get more positive.

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Well, not NO writing at all. Just no writing group. 12 or 14 years ago, P and I started a writing group. We’d been reading Natalie Goldberg, notably Wild Mind, and doing writing practice on our own, and it was great. We wanted to be in a writing group, but we were afraid to seek one out. “We can’t be in a real writing group! We’re not real writers!” So we started our own, with several other “not real” writers. Our number has fluctuated up and down, sometimes being as high as eleven (which is too many!) and in the last few years being two and a half. The two are me and P, and the half is our friend Judy who comes sporadically, and occasionally (but not for a long time) Lucia, and a few people who started coming and then couldn’t fit it in, alas.

Sometimes it’s called the Church of Timed Writing, because we meet on Sunday morning, and we use a timer. We follow the rules in Wild Mind, which I won’t list here, but my favorite is “You are free to write the worst junk in America.”

P is much better about constant writing than I am. That makes sense, because she is a storyteller. I sometimes write for a living, but that hardly feels like “real” writing. But doing NaBloPoMo has been really effective at getting my writing going. I keep thinking of novel ideas.

1. Two sisters think their father is dead. But their mother actually left him when they were very young. Later, they meet up with him. Surprising things result. I want to have a dramatic deathbed scene, but this might not be the novel for it.
2. Auuugggh! I keep getting interrupted. I’ll try to add more later or tomorrow.

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I’m not doing any. My old lady foot surgery (bunion/hammertoe) was two and a half weeks ago. I’ll be in the cumbersome velcro shoe for another couple of weeks. I’m using that as an excuse.

Things I can’t do right now: Standing poses, most inversions (hanging in the sling requires the foot, and in shoulderstand the foot is too heavy), poses where I need the strap around my foot (e.g., paschimottanasana, janu sirsasana, for which I need the strap because my hips and hamstrings don’t ever let me reach my feet), poses where my feet are bent back (parighasana, virasana, etc.), poses where my feet are in any angle other than normal.

I need to think about this another way, because if there was ever a time to benefit from yoga it would be now.

Poses I can do now: Gomukhasana arms, garudasana arms, baddha gulyasana, some of those arm things against the wall, lying-down twists, seated-in-a-chair twists. If I think about it I can probably come up with a hamstring stretch that doesn’t do anything to my foot. Legs up the wall, regular and wide-angle.

OK, this is boring to everyone who doesn’t do yoga and possibly to those who do. I think one of my new categories is going to be self-pep-talk. If I write about it, I might do it.

Next January is WoYoPracMo – World Yoga Practice Month. I’m doing it.

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And shilly-shallying, but reduplication isn’t the topic of my post. It’s really about what gets into me when I’m supposed to be doing my work (3 projects, minimum) and instead play Web Boggle, check Google Reader, see what’s on my Netflix queue, throw some wash in the washing machine, get a glass of water, and so on. Here are a few possibilities:

  • I’m lazy. But really, I’m a pretty hard worker and very conscientious, so that can’t be it.
  • I don’t like this work. But I do, really, I do!
  • I’m easily distracted. Yes, this is certainly true. I mean, I was just getting started on an easy and fun website task, and then I checked my email and saw a message from my sister-in-law, who I wish lived next door. So I had to reply, didn’t I? And also in my inbox was a message from my sister Priscilla with a link to Indexed, a wonderful blog which I had to read ALL of as well as reviewing the t-shirts for sale. And then I remembered I hadn’t posted today or yesterday, so I had to start this post.

The wonderful Daniel Pinkwater writes in Fish Whistle (or maybe Chicago Days, Hoboken Nights) that when he started writing he made himself sit down at the table with paper and pencil, and not allow himself to get up for an hour (or maybe longer – sorry, it’s time to reread his books). At all. He didn’t have to write anything, but he had to stay in the chair with nothing handy except the paper and pencil. I love this idea, but have I ever done it? No. And that’s just for writing. My desk and computer are both serious distractions.

Get busy!

(I just noticed that I need to make up some better categories for my blog posts. But not now. Really not.)

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