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Come onnnnn!

Just a little prod to my friends who are also bloggers:  You guys haven’t written much lately, and I miss your posts!  You know who you are.

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The other night I was eating dinner with friends and of course we were talking about food. I asked if they ever saw Tastespotting, a very fun blog that is essentially pictures of food. My sister laughed at me for being so blog-focused.

And I am. I read a lot of blogs, not all every day, but I keep track of many. Some have to do with e-learning, or CSS, or web development, some have to do with plastic, or food, or social responsibility of one sort or another (mostly ecological), some are funny, some are very useful, and some are written by friends or family (see the blogroll). Some are just silly fluff, and some are deeply thoughtful.

It occurred to me the other day that blogs are what the web was in the early years. I remember when people started putting up their own websites. I couldn’t really understand it. A woman I worked with had a whole site devoted to her plans for her wedding and honeymoon. Another person had a picture of himself wearing no shirt and hiking with his dog, a resume, and some poetry about cats. (Would you give that guy a job?)

Then the web started to get more formal. Companies figured out that they ought to have websites. Then those sites started to get more elaborate. Some individuals were able to keep having web pages either because they were tech-savvy enough to make their own, or because they got space on sites like Geocities and Angelfire. Um. Those were horribly ugly sites, loaded with blinking ads and bad design.

BUT they allowed average beauzeaux to express themselves publicly. Now that we have blogging software, and it’s freeeeee, it’s possible for people to blab all over the web about whatever they like. Happily, the blog templates make ugly sites less likely. Big companies are, once again, jumping on the people’s bandwagon by having corporate blogs. My local newspaper has blogs done by the writers, the software companies all have blogs, even, wowee, Sierra Trading Post. But the voice of the people is still pretty loud.

I love it. Being extremely interested in human beings (sometimes this is called being nosy), I am completely blog-minded. Not a pejorative term in my book.

Let me know if you want links to the ones I keep track of.

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