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Busyness, water fear

We’ve had lots going on this week.  My sister Deb has been here to work on her website with me (and blab and shop and eat and go sailing with our brother and hang around with our sister Priscilla), we had a stunning dinner made by Erin of With Vanilla and Honey fame, friends came through on their way home to Minnesota from a summer trip to New Mexico, Monday was B’s 21st birthday, and I can’t even think what else.

It has also been a million degrees in the shade.  Yesterday when we took Buster for a walk he leaned over into the pond for a drink and fell right in.  He hauled himself out and shook off.

Now this is a dog with severe fear of water.  Last year A threw him off the dock to see if he’d figure out that water was OK.  Buster broke all Olympic speed records getting back to shore and wouldn’t come near the dock for the rest of the summer.

Tonight when we took him for a walk, even though he normally takes a drink from the pond, he avoided it completely.  We sat on the cabin porch for a while, and I gave him some water in a pan.  He guzzled it all right down.  My guess is that he won’t be drinking from the pond for a while.  God forbid  he should fall in again.

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