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Dang dog

That Buster, we just love him.  But he has been rambling off on his own lately.  He still won’t go outside by himself, but when you take him out, he’s off like a shot.  Last week we found out one reason why:  He killed and brought home one of our neighbor’s chickens.  Amazingly, A got him to sit and stay, and then took it away from him.  Too late, though.

He’s intent on finding his way out of the fence, and if that doesn’t work, heading out the driveway.  He becomes deaf, totally focused on hanging with his pals across the road.  I’m sure they put him up to the chicken killing.

Several people have suggested that the cure for that is to hang the dead chicken around the dog’s neck.  I’m not doing it.  For one thing, I’m hoping he won’t kill any more, and for another thing, he’s an indoor dog.  We’d have all-night barking to come in with his chicken necklace.  For another thing, it seems inhumane.  For another thing, nobody has ever said “We did this.”  Instead, people tell you that they’ve heard of that as a cure, or that their cousin did it.  I want first-hand evidence, please.

We, who have made huge efforts to use only positive training methods (and with good results), may possibly try a shock collar.  The electronic fence isn’t practical for us because there’s too much area to fence in.  He never goes out alone, though, so I think it might work.  There we’ll be, walking along, and Buster will start heading off towards the road.  If he knows we have hamburger or cheese in our pockets, he’ll respond to calls.  If not, he’s deaf.  A little zap just as he’s cresting the hill might work.  It seems horrible, but perhaps worth it if it prevents him from being shot by a farmer.  (Our chicken-owning neighbor would never shoot him.)

Tonight we discussed the idea of getting another dog so he could have a pal.  There was a yellow lab pup listed in today’s paper.  It doesn’t seem like the right time.  We ought to cure him of this bad behavior before we get another dog he could teach it to.

Any good ideas out there?

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