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And shilly-shallying, but reduplication isn’t the topic of my post. It’s really about what gets into me when I’m supposed to be doing my work (3 projects, minimum) and instead play Web Boggle, check Google Reader, see what’s on my Netflix queue, throw some wash in the washing machine, get a glass of water, and so on. Here are a few possibilities:

  • I’m lazy. But really, I’m a pretty hard worker and very conscientious, so that can’t be it.
  • I don’t like this work. But I do, really, I do!
  • I’m easily distracted. Yes, this is certainly true. I mean, I was just getting started on an easy and fun website task, and then I checked my email and saw a message from my sister-in-law, who I wish lived next door. So I had to reply, didn’t I? And also in my inbox was a message from my sister Priscilla with a link to Indexed, a wonderful blog which I had to read ALL of as well as reviewing the t-shirts for sale. And then I remembered I hadn’t posted today or yesterday, so I had to start this post.

The wonderful Daniel Pinkwater writes in Fish Whistle (or maybe Chicago Days, Hoboken Nights) that when he started writing he made himself sit down at the table with paper and pencil, and not allow himself to get up for an hour (or maybe longer – sorry, it’s time to reread his books). At all. He didn’t have to write anything, but he had to stay in the chair with nothing handy except the paper and pencil. I love this idea, but have I ever done it? No. And that’s just for writing. My desk and computer are both serious distractions.

Get busy!

(I just noticed that I need to make up some better categories for my blog posts. But not now. Really not.)

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