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What’s up today?

Nothing much. I’m lying around with my foot up, as usual. Something cool: Last night, just at dusk, Rick took Buster out for a walk. I was looking out our bedroom window at the field south of the house, thinking how soft and beautiful the light was. Suddenly, a huge buck appeared on the right. He ran directly across the field, giving me a wonderful long view instead of the usually brief flash of white tail we see when walking in the woods. He had a great big rack, and a great big body.

A minute later Rick called me on his cell phone to tell me he’d seen the big boy running across the dam. We are lucky to live here.

Because it’s bow hunting season and our neighbors have allowed friends to hunt on their land, we are wearing orange in the woods. Even Buster has a little cape we velcro around him. It says “Remington” across the back, so we’ve been calling him Remington Dog.

I hope nobody gets that buck. It would be a sorry thing for all that beauty and energy to be extinguished to someone’s idea of sport. I’d feel differently if the hunter were a starving person, feeding his family, but I doubt that’s the case.

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