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The stinkification of the house

We use a lot of dog treats here so that Buster remembers what he’s supposed to be doing.

This year, A and our friend W bought and raised six head of cattle.  To be fair, W did most of the work, because he knows how and because the cattle lived at his place.

These are organic, grass-fed animals.  A couple of months ago, two of them were slaughtered, and we split the meat between our freezers and W’s.  We’ve sold a fair amount to friends.

I was looking in the freezer the other night and realized that we have many packages of beef liver.  I know people don’t eat liver any more because it’s the sink for all the toxins ingested by the animal, but these livers are nice and clean.  However, I hate liver.  So I decided to make dog treats.

I sliced up a one-pound package of the stuff, and put the slices on a rack over a piece of tinfoil on a cookie sheet.  Then I cooked them in a 250 degree oven for about an hour.  (The tinfoil was to catch the bloody drips, yuck.)  The result was liver jerky, and it’s going to be very useful on the evening walks.  But whoowee, even with the vent fan on, it did stink!

Buster was highly attentive.

Liver jerky, yum yum bleah

Liver jerky, yum yum bleah

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