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Writing, edited and unedited

After not writing for a couple of days here, I feel blunted off a little bit. In the fervor of writing every day, my mind came alive to many things to talk about. Isn’t it funny that it would go away so quickly?

I have been doing some sort of writing on a regular basis, even if lackadaisical, for many years. Much of it is in the form of writing practice. When P’s and my writing group was bigger and more central to our lives, we had several gatherings where we invited other people and we all read our work. Those of us in writing group are accustomed to reading unedited work out loud, and it was something of a shock to realize that it could use a little polish.

Writing in the blog is similar. It’s not totally unedited – I often post it, reread it, and then make some changes – but it’s definitely nothing that I’ve polished and worked on lovingly for weeks. I read somewhere recently that blogs are a place for all the unpublished novelists of the world to put their [and here the word ‘bad’ was implied somehow] writing out for everyone to see.

I guess I don’t care. I’m enjoying doing it, and nobody has to read it. It’s not the novel I’m writing, just a little random blab.

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