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My docking station, which allows me to use my laptop with a 22″ monitor and a full-size keyboard, broke yesterday.  I spent an hour on Dell Support Chat, with Francisco, who asked me few substantive questions, and several silly ones.  (Me: It’s not working.  Nothing happens when I push the power button.  Francisco: Are you getting any error messages?)

The upshot is that they’re sending me a replacement, because it’s still under warranty.  I have to send the broken one back, to prove that it’s really broken and that I’m not scamming them to get an extra docking station.  It’s not a big or fancy part, and I wonder what they’re going to do with it.  I can’t imagine that they’ll refurbish it.  So it will probably go in the trash.  More wasted plastic, plus useless electronic bits.

Where are the people making sculptures out of this junk?  I mean interesting, beautiful, meaningful, thought-provoking sculptures.  I guess the supply far outstrips the demand for worthless broken trash.

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