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Frog wrangling

Have I already mentioned this? I feel it’s a good idea to temper rants about plastic with a little humor.

But first I do want to comment on the excellent question sialias asked about where we recycle the stuff made from recycled plastic. Where indeed? With each successive recycle of plastic the “quality” of the plastic degrades, and it’s no longer recyclable. At least glass, aluminum, and tin can be reclaimed as almost the same level of quality.

Back to the fun. It’s frog-wrangling season! Every day we take a walk around our land with Buster. It’s a way for all of us to get a little exercise and fresh air. We have two ponds, an old round cow pond, and a new pretty one carved out of a ravine. The old pond is perfect, we’ve discovered, for frogs to sit in the sun. Even on a 55 degree day, a few are sitting around the edge getting a nice green tan.  Last year we discovered that Buster enjoyed running around the pond making the frogs leap back into the pond ahead of him.

Now when we approach the old pond, we say “Buster!  Go wrangle!” and he runs down and starts racing around the pond, around and around and around, getting the constant feedback of frogs leaping into the water right in front of him.

It reminds me of that great scene in the movie “The Man Who Knew Too Little” where Bill Murray is driving a stolen car around a roundabout flipping one orange cone after another into the middle.

I might add that Buster never goes into the water as part of this spectacle.  Never.  He hates the water.  Last year we threw him in the new pond and he set the Olympic  Dog Paddle record for dock-to-shore sprints.

Yesterday we had some visitors here from England.  We went for a walk with them and showed off Buster’s wrangling skills at the old pond.  Then we walked over to the new pond.  One of the guests said “Buster, are you going to bojangle now?  So now we have a nice new verb.

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