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These NaBloPoMo posts are just like morning pages, innit? No need for earthshakingness or even decent writing. Just blurt something out on the page.

I’m feeling quite clever about how I’ve managed to keep my foot dry in the shower after my bunion surgery. Here’s how it’s done:

Supplies: two one-gallon garbage bags and a pair of knee-high hose.
1. Wrap one of the garbage bags around your foot, pressing out the air.
2. Tie it closed above the dressing with one of the stockings. Be sure to make a loop in the stocking to make it easy to remove when it’s wet.
3. Repeat with the second garbage bag, tying the stocking above the first garbage bag so that it’s completely enclosed.

It’s the stockings that are so clever. They’re stretchy enough to be tight and stay put, but they come off easily and are reusable. Beats the heck out of tape.

Thank goodness Mianne’s rude correspondent isn’t reading my rubbish.

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