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Quick post

Dang, I don’t have time to think about my post today. I went back to work after a week with my foot up, worked like a maniac all day, fixing stuff, and then came home, made dinner, and now Rick wants to watch a movie. I do too, but I feel guilty about all the other things I should be doing. Too bad. We’ll watch After the Wedding.

Oh, the most boring thing: What we had for dinner.
I had made shrimp boiled in beer yesterday, along with rice and frozen peas. So tonight I chopped up some ginger and cabbage, fried them in sesame oil, added the leftover rice, cooked for a bit, heaved in the leftover shrimp and peas and threw a bunch of soy sauce over it. It was great, and better than last night’s original meal.

A better post tomorrow. No, really.

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