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I’m throwing down my crutches.

Maybe I still have Lyme disease, but hardly.

Over the last few weeks I have realized over and over again how much better I feel this year compared to this time last year.  

Last year at this time I had just learned I had Lyme disease.  I couldn’t garden because I couldn’t bend down.  I couldn’t carry anything because my arms and hands hurt too much.  I couldn’t make the bed because the mattress corners were too heavy to lift and because it hurt my fingers to tuck in the sheets.  If I went to the grocery store, even for one item, I had to use a cart.  I couldn’t carry a basket (ow), and I had to use the cart like a walker. Some of my yoga practices consisted of lying down and raising and lowering my arms.

A helped me with everything readily, kindly and lovingly.  He never expressed impatience or annoyance at my limitations. B did the same when he was home.  My friends and family helped me with enormous amounts of love.

This year I can garden, I can do almost all the yoga I could do before I got sick, I can make it through the day without a nap, I can carry bags of groceries, put dishes away in the cupboards, wash vegetables in cold water without my hands stinging, and lots more.  I still have a little weirdness in my shoulders and hands, but nothing like what I had last year. 

I am so grateful.

All of the following helped:

  • Lots of physical therapy
  • Herbal regimen for Lyme disease (still following this, from Healing Lyme, by Stephen Harrod Buhner)
  • Massage once a week (still doing this)
  • Special help from my chiropractor
  • Arthritis medication (plaquenil) from my rheumatologist
  • Yoga
  • Walking every day I could
  • Water exercise
  • And most important, kind thoughts, prayers, blessings and love from many dear people

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