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Mr. Hilarious

We have two Mr. Hilariouses in the house.

B is genuinely funny.  He has been since birth, practically.  He was making puns just about as soon as he could speak.  When he was in preschool, he made jokes all the time.  The other kids would be looking blank.  “Huh?”  And the teachers would be laughing hysterically.

He’s been home from college for a couple of weeks.  A few nights after he returned home we had dinner with friends, and B regaled us with tales of his new job showing apartments, of his boss, a former Latin Kings gang member, and of the second business – erotic photography (“You don’t call it porn, the girls get nervous”) – he (the boss, not B) is trying to get started.

I can’t duplicate B’s delivery or even content, but let me just say that having him home is extremely enjoyable.

The other Mr. Hilarious is Buster.  He’s the funniest dog we’ve ever had.  Unlike B’s humour, I don’t think it’s intentional.  His face is quite expressive, even though there may be nothing but dust bunnies up in that cranial cavity.  And he’s a doofus.  He falls over his own feet.  He hides under the bed with his whole back end sticking out.  Last week on our evening walk he went to take a drink from the pond and fell in.  He looked deeply offended when he came out, and  has avoided the edge of the pond since.

I love a good laugh.  I was once telling someone how great it was that B had such a fine sense of humor, and how important that was.  She nodded, and then said, “Wait, why is a sense of humor so important?”  Poor thing.

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