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This is my second post about, oh, what would this topic be called?  The social aspects of illness, maybe.

Many people want to help me recover from Lyme disease.  My family practice doctor, my infectious disease specialist, my chiropractor, and my naturopath all have opinions about what I should do.  And each of these very good people wishes, correctly, to treat the whole person, not just the disease.   Yet their opinions are sometimes in conflict, which puts me in an odd position.  I need something from each one of them, but it’s not possible to do everything they all want me to do.  Thus I’m having to make some decisions based on not enough information.

One doctor wants me to take Zantac, another doesn’t.  One wants me to alter my diet, others don’t mention it. They all like me, and they are all good doctors, and they all have my best interests at heart.  And I may also add in a rheumatologist, who could very well have another set of opinions.

Then I also have my rolfers and massage therapists, along with my dear friends who have many excellent suggestions.  My yoga teacher is giving me energy treatments (I love this), and today someone suggested acupuncture.  I’ve asked to be referred to a physical therapist so that I can figure out how to regain my strength and also get some help with ergonomics (e.g., how to sleep through the night without waking up with shoulder pain at 2 am).

The treatment of Lyme disease is very controversial, with one end of the spectrum being up to a year and a half of antibiotics, and the other end being three weeks only of antibiotics.  My infectious disease doctor is somewhere in the middle, but I have dear friends who are on either end, and who are worried that I am doing the wrong thing.  I’m trying to stay away the Lyme disease internet resources, because the controversy is about as fierce as, say, the abortion debate, and it’s hard to remain optimistic in the midst of political arguments.

Friends and family also have many many suggestions, most quite good.

There’s no answer to this problem.  I’m glad so many people care about me.  But in some ways I long for the days of my childhood when the doctor was as a god, and you just did what he said and that was it.

The best help from friends and family is prayer, or meditation, or good thoughts, or beaming white light, or sending positive energy, which all comes down to the same thing and for which I am hugely grateful.

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