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A bit much, plastic and gas

OK, that was sort of an overwhelming post for yesterday. I think I need to keep some constraints on how I talk about plastic. I’m still considering how I might do that.

Today I took my car to be washed. It’s a Prius, so I can see the mileage stats all the time. I was unhappy that I was down to 44.1 mpg, because it’s been as high as 50 mpg, and so drove particularly carefully to optimize the mileage on the way from the carwash.

I got the good carwash, with vacuuming and waxing. The car looked great. I got in and saw that the mileage was down to 42.0. They must have kept the engine running the whole time they were washing it, and gunned it to bring it around to the front. Wow.

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