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I’ve been working on e-learning pieces that have been translated into Spanish and French. I’m very familiar with the material, having worked on the English versions from the beginning of development. These courses have on-screen text, accompanying audio, and video.

It has been many years since I really used either French or Spanish. French was by far my best language – I studied it for at least 6 years (not contiguously) and spent a summer in France (in 1966). I studied Spanish for about 4 years, and was able to read fluently but rarely spoke it with native speakers.

My client had the materials translated by an outside contractor, and it turned out that the client didn’t have anyone in house to review the French files for accuracy and for matching to the company jargon. (Well, they sent the materials to someone who works in the Canadian offices to review them. I’m talking about approximately 500 pages of text. The guy sent them back after a weekend without a single correction. “Yeah, they look fine.”) So I’ve been the reviewer. It made me nervous at first, and I’ve had a few questions, but on the whole, I realize I speak and understand the language very well. Still! After all this time!

I didn’t have to be the reviewer for Spanish, but it’s perfectly comprehensible to me.


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