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I read a lot of blogs, especially food blogs.  Oh, I do like good food, can you tell?  Hate plastic, love food, love dogs.  Could that be the theme of this blog?

In any case, the blog I use the most is The Apartment Kitchen.  There’s the link, sitting over there in the right sidebar, not making a big fuss.  I think it deserves a plug, especially because the author, Erin McDowell, is giving away a free cookbook in honor of her 100th post. Maybe one of my readers would like to win that book.  I certainly would.

Erin is a friend of ours, a recent graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, an excellent cook and an excellent writer.  She posts frequently, but not so often that I get overwhelmed by posts.  I’ve made quite a few of her dinners, the most recent being the Thai-flavored burgers with peanut sauce, which was eye-rollingly good.  Oh, and the salmon with yogurt sauce and Asian cole slaw is another fave. The recipes are generally quite easy to make but never boring.

Really, go over there.  Look around.  Try out some of the recipes. Click the link in the sidebar to win the book. And if you try something you like, let me know.  And let Erin know too, of course.

Note:  Erin also writes Appetite for Adventure, about food and her travels.  Go there too.

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