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On Friday I made a cake and two pies for A’s and P’s birthday. The cake is a Thunder Cake, adapted from the children’s book Thunder Cake, by Patricia Polacco. When B was little, we read the book and tried out the recipe.  I’m not a very good cake baker, and this one is exceptional, so it is now the only allowed birthday cake in our house.

I tinkered with the recipe slightly.  I cook it in 9-inch pans, and I fold in the egg whites as the last step. Chocolate butter icing from the Joy of Cooking is good with this (p. 678).

I think I’ll spare you the picture of the peach pie.  I cheated with boxed pie crust, but let me just say that a bit of lemon zest in the pie filling, along with some applesauce for its pectin, is dee-licious.

But dang, my hand mixer started smelling strongly of burning wires while I was beating the egg whites.  I had to finish, of course, and so the mixer got rather hot in my hand.  It’s dead now.  I find this enormously annoying for a variety of reasons:

  • It was only about five years old.  I bought my previous mixer at Sears in 1976 for $7.99 and got a good 29 years out of it.
  • It was cute, small, easy to use, and had a little storage container to hold the mixer and the beaters.
  • (The worst thing) I have to throw this useless hunk of plastic and metal away.  In the trash, not even the recycling.

Phooey.  Good cake, though.

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