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This ought to be interesting.  First of all, my sister is going to laugh at me.  I’ve been looking for a clock for the guestroom for ages.  No clock has been exactly right.  I haven’t wanted anything fancy, just a plain alarm clock.  Finally I bought one at Target.   My sister was with me.  She said, “Finally, you got a clock.”

I realize when I got it home that it was extensively blister packed in plastic.  Here I’ve been blathering along about plastic and being a responsible consumer, and I buy something that uses a ridiculous amount of plastic that will just be thrown away. So I returned it.  Now I still have no clock for the guestroom.

But the next errand was to Office Depot, where I bought Dragon Naturally Speaking software.  I was worried that it was going to be blister packed. I usually download software, rather than buying a CD.  However, this software comes with a microphone.  So I bought the box, which was, happily, packed only in cardboard.

now I’m practicing with the software and going forward.  I’m not going to make any corrections.  It’s quite frustrating at this point, for example, why is the word now not capitalize at the beginning of the sentence?  That’s the least of my issues.  My hands hurt so I need to do something that will allow me to use a computer.  I bet I can train it.


Will be a test and speak naturally, this is really quite annoying, but I think it will be okay.  Okay that’s enough for now

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