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I recently watched a show on TV about morbidly obese people. The filmmakers had amassed all the food each of the four subjects ate in a typical day and put it on a huge table. The amount of food was amazing, but even more amazing was the color. Everything was white or beige. Fried stuff, baked stuff, potato-y stuff. Practically none of it was green. (And each of the people denied that they could possibly eat that much food.)

I thought of this because yesterday I described what we’d had for dinner the night before. It was a perfectly good balanced meal of reasonably tasty food, but it was pretty white, and as such rather depressing. Chicken sausage, which was light brown, buttered egg noodles, and steamed cabbage (which happened to be cut in strips about the same size as the noodles). Something about it made you want to fall asleep in it face first. Good thing I have colorful plates.

I really like cauliflower and cabbage, but we rarely have them, because they are so dang white. I don’t like all-brown meals either (see above re obesity). All-green is OK, but a mix is best. Maybe this is one reason salad is such a good meal, because it’s multicolored.

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